Why Choose An Authorised Partner?

Based in Ringwood, Hampshire. Being an authorised Konica Minolta partner enables Collate to offer the highest quality machines, with a full service guarantee and the staff expertise to manage and maintain these machines throughout our partnership with you. As part of our Authorised Partner status, our engineers spend at least four weeks every year keeping up to date with new products and technology, through online training and attending Konica Minolta’s head office.

Konica Minolta Sign - Collate Business Systems, Ringwood, HampshireThere are many online businesses who advertise similar badged products at a much reduced rate. Unless these businesses are authorised partners they are unlikely to offer the longevity, warranty and expertise which can be found through Konica Minolta Authorised Partners.

In addition some unauthorised dealers will use pirate copy consumables, which are fitted cheaply to the machines and will reduce the performance of the machines and increase costs over time.

Mark Lloyd, Director of Indirect Sales at Konica Minolta, comments on the impact unauthorised partners can have on customers:

“One of the risks the client potentially faces is around support. We offer Collate, as an Authorised Dealer, full manufacturer back up; this is not extended to an organisation which is not an Authorised Dealer. Our Authorised Dealer engineers get trained in Konica Minolta’s official training centre in Birmingham and get access to additional back up support options within Konica Minolta. This ensures the value Konica Minolta places on customer experience is maintained through our Authorised Dealers.”

To ensure you are receiving the best service guarantee, a full valid warranty and the highest possible standard of trained engineers, talk to Collate today about how we can assist you.

Why Choose Us

  • 1We support our customers to continuously improve their document printing, scanning and storage.
  • 2We supply market leading solutions to create efficiency and cost savings in document and information distribution.
  • 3We have over 27 years extensive experience and supply a complete hardware and software solution for customers who’d like control of their complete document environment.
  • 4Industry leading customer retention levels
  • 5Independent & committed to rigorous quality assurance programme
  • 6Repair or replace policy guaranteeing customer satisfaction
  • 7Solution based approach to meet individual business needs
  • 8Embracers of technology to deliver a preventive and pro-active approach to service
  • 9Building TRUST throughout our clients over many years (see our testimonials)