What is ECM and why should I care?

Enterprise content management software can be broken down into two areas. Firstly the secure management of documented information and secondly the distribution of this information.

Most businesses continually look to improve their business processes, and enterprise content management allows business managers to identify inefficient or redundant processes for improvement and make the changes necessary to make them more efficient. Second, it helps you do everything you already do more quickly and less expensively.

ECM software from Collate, achieves this in 5 basic ways.

  1. It collects, stores and indexes all of your data in a useful form
  2. It lets you manage your data easily, and facilitates collaboration between your employees.
  3. It automates common, repetitive tasks and reporting.
  4. It preserves your data for long term storage, and aids in meeting document preservation compliance requirements.
  5. It helps you fulfil your business goals more efficiently, while improving data security.

The strongest feature of ECM is improved integration and indexing of your data, allowing more effective management of your information. It gives you the information you need before you make important and effective process and policy decisions. It also provides you with the kind of flexible and powerful access control tools that you need to enforce your policy.

At Collate, we believe a good ECM implementation should allow your employees to collaborate and share data in the field or anywhere in the world. Our software allows new documents to be created remotely, and both tracking and auditing of document access is simplified.

Most companies are heavily invested in Microsoft technologies, and while they are the best choice for most business types, they can make administration and workflow problematic. An open platform ECM solution helps you visualise and facilitate workflows by mapping all of your business processes, and allowing fast access to those who need data quickly.

Let’s look at some of the specific ways our ECM solution can help with common business challenges:

Accounting and Finance

ECM implementation can reduce costs substantially in your accounting or financial management department by either completely eliminating or sharply reducing manual document handling requirements for many processes, including:

  • Procurement
  • Accounting, both payable and receivable
  • Payment processing
  • Reporting of expenses

Human Resources

ECM can aid your HR department by improving access to crucial data, and making access control and document security universal. This can improve the efficiency of:

  • Management
  • Direct access
  • Recruitment
  • On-boarding

Management of legal documents

A proper ECM solution allows access of all archived data from any authorised device anywhere in the world, while simultaneously improving document security and reducing storage costs.

  • Secure legal document storage
  • Fully indexed and accessible legal records
  • One click access to your entire archives
  • Safe, reliable access control
  • Improved, secure collaboration

Customer Service

Good ECM software allows your customer service department to respond more quickly to concerns or complaints, and to access the right data more easily, improving customer satisfaction. Customer service is also improved by:

  • Eliminating the need for manual data entry
  • Reducing the need for multiple calls to resolve an issue
  • Allowing a faster response time
  • Allowing access to cases and tickets on the move, even on weekends
  • Ensuring all relevant information is at your representative’s fingertips

If you are ready to learn more, why not request a free software demo, tailored specifically to your exact business requirements.

Alternatively, you can contact Greg Littlechild, our ECM consultant, on 01425 484700 or email greg@collate.co.uk.


Image courtesy of artur84 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net