Solving your business challenges

It is often the identification of an overarching business challenge which determines the need for a strategic enterprise content management (ECM).

So what’s your business challenge?

Over the next four weeks, I will be discussing the four most common problems we hear from our customers in a series of blog posts.

So here’s the first – Handling too much paper.

We have all heard of the phrase “paperless office” but how many of us actually live by this philosophy? Paper is an aspect of business life which spreads across the entire organisation and it will always play a part in business process.  Invoices, reports, CVs, proposals and so much more impact the way a business operates and many departments, including Sales, Accounts, HR, Customer Services and Legal are all individually affected by the way it is handled.

Difficulty gaining access to the appropriate or correct information, duplicated work, and wasted business time on manual data entry, all reduce employee productivity and adds an often unknown cost.

Enterprise content management greatly reduces, and in some cases eliminates the need to print and store documents. Our ECM solution is flexible, easy to use and reduces the need for physical storage of documents. Scanning and capturing in-bound documents to the system is instant and with auto indexing and OCR technology, searching for information becomes near instant.

Imagine being able to index the multitude of documents and content your business encounters, into a single 360-degree view, enabling you to make smart decisions based on solid knowledge. ECM means that you no longer have to be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of information your business encounters. Additionally, eliminating the costs of print, shipping and storing paper, operating costs are also reduced.

Does this challenge sound familiar to your business role? At Collate, we believe the key to finding an appropriate ECM solution is to engage industry experts that have worked in and understand businesses like yours; experts qualified to help you tackle your business challenges.

You can read more about the benefits ECM here.

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