Identifyanalyse and improve key business processes

Business Process Management

The term Business Process Management (BPM) is widely used and found in marketing messages of IT suppliers, Lean and Six Sigma practitioners, management consultants and more.

But what does this actually mean, and how can organisations identify whether business process management is something that should be considered?

Business process management

An organisation is only as good as its processes. To be able to make the necessary changes in an organisation, one needs to understand the existing key processes of the company.

Primary activities are those that directly touch the customer, while support activities are those that are generally administrative. It is the primary, end-to-end customer-touching processes that are paramount to gaining and sustaining competitive advantage. Primary business processes deliver the business value to customers and the support activities are purely costs.

The first step is to identify which key processes need improvement. Essentially the identification of key processes can be a formal or informal exercise. There may be some obvious performance gaps which steers this process selection. Alternatively, a set of criteria derived from strategic and tactical priorities may be selected. It is important to select the business process or processes which have the greatest impact on delivering competitive advantage, enhanced customer requirement or for pure cost saving processes in administrative business support.

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    Business challenges

    There are many business challenges that can determine the need for business process management software. For example, a desire to go paperless, deliver cost savings or to enable integration between existing applications.

    An organisation may want to maximise the return on existing technology investment, increase time and cost savings by automating processes, reducing the cost of asset ownership or improve performance to meet contractual agreements. All these business goals are achieved through use of business process management software.

    The solution

    The Collate approach is based around method and technology using best practice methodology in the identification and redesign of processes and Enterprise Content Management technology to create more efficient processes.

    Benefits of our business process management solutions:

    • Enhanced customer service
    • Increase in productivity
    • Improved quality management
    • Improved safety working conditions
    • Cost efficiency

    The Collate business process management approach uses both methodology and technology. We will work with you to identify your key business processes, plan, cost, and with technology design optimised processes to achieve ROI. We can create more efficient business processes and provide both training and on-going support.