ECM for financial services

ECM for financial services

Increase the capacity of your existing office staff to support additional advisors.

  • Increase your appointed representatives by as much as 60% without adding to your support staff
  • Simplify FCA regulation compliance and reduce the cost by between 21% and 47%

In today’s market, the financial services industry is under scrutiny to be transparent.

With increasing regulations, ever-changing customer expectations and the unpredictability of the economic market, the financial service sector is looking to technology to meet their demands and lower overall costs.

ECM for financial services brings together document management, workflow, records management, digital asset management, image management and more. ECM from Collate is now a preferred choice for the financial industry with over 4,000 installations worldwide.

Regulatory Audits and Compliance

With an increasing number of records, keeping them in order with ECM Audit Trail it has never been easier. ECM can easily fulfill compliance requirements and prepare for regulatory audits. The technology allows you to identify, classify and preserve records, ensuring compliance support with a full audit history. You can maintain evidence of contracts, certificates and legal content, making regulatory auditing stress free.

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    Independent Financial Advisors

    ECM for financial services is an effective tool for facilitating going ‘paperless’. The document management capabilities of ECM means you can store, search and manage any kind of content, all within a common repository. It allows content sharing, version control and approval of documents which saves business time and simplifies workflow. ECM ensures employees are working smarter, as they have the tools and knowledge in front of them, when they need it.

    Inbound paper (invoices, contracts, forms) can be digitised when received, creating increased efficiency within the business. This reduces the time spent on administration and completing reports, freeing valuable time for fee earning activities and streamlining & simplifying these critical procedures.

    One advisor reported:

    “A reduction of 12 hours a month on report writing and a reduction in time from initial contact to signed agreement, from an average 12 weeks to an average of 9 weeks.”

    Office Managers

    Having to continually re-enter information into different systems takes time. ECM for financial services can automate these resource-intensive business processes. I.e. it provides automated updating and notification of changes in client status, maintains compliance logs, and can automate compliance approval of new accounts.

    Digital asset management within ECM technology also enables you to manage rich media and large files effortlessly. Within the system you can catalogue file types and store by your exact business requirements.

     “Finding information is now not only fast and easy to find but is always up to date and we can report a reduction of 57% in time spent working on reports.”

    Simple Integration

    ECM for financial services integrates seamlessly with business applications including CRM systems, accounting applications, core banking applications and more. Not only this, ECM allows users to access information in the manner and environment in which they are most familiar with.

    The result is convenient, comprehensive and compliant enterprise content management that helps financial services businesses succeed against a backdrop of increased regulatory oversight, shrinking margins and market volatility.

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