Increase Productivity with Managed Print Services

Icon of Collate ProductivityProductivity increases through Managed Print Services come through refining an inefficient print environment.  An inefficient print environment can add up to a lot of wasted time or, at the very least, time not spent on completing core tasks vital to your organisations success.

A Managed Print Services solution takes responsibility for your print environment meaning your staff are freed up to do what you pay them to do.

Given that some organisations have recorded up to 40% of IT time spent on print related issues, MPS can have a real and immediate efficiency impact.

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    A Managed Print Services solution from Collate means:

    • Your entire fleet is fully covered. No need to deal with multiple suppliers
    • Your staff call us directly to resolve printer issues, freeing up IT support time
    • Your toner usage is monitored remotely and supplies topped up automatically
    • You no longer have obsolete, expensive toner taking up space in your office
    • Device warranties and returns are no longer the concern of your staff
    • Unmanaged supplies and user printing
    • Automated meter readings frees up staff time and leads to accurate billing
    • Staff training leads to better use of equipment and better quality output
    • Cost reductions through managed print services

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