Implementing MPS: Managed Print Services Process

Every client is unique, so to begin the process we need to complete a full and totally free audit to uncover your needs, requirements and existing printing environment. This enables us to come up with a streamlined and cost effective solution.

Our objective will be to analyse all business-relevant document flows in order to increase productivity.

With that said, there is a typical process that we go through with all our clients. To give you an idea of how implementing a Managed Print Services solution might look for you, we’ve listed the standard process below.

The process is a collaborative one, designed to have minimum impact on your staff.

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FREE Print Audit

Week 1: Establish a base line

  • Agree the project scope role out for week 1 – Cost: £0 FREE
  • Discuss the timescale
  • Discover the current state
  • Install printer discovery software to begin analysis of fleet

Week 2: Map Devices

  • Site visits
  • Collate’s staff will visit your site and, using floor plans provided, will plot your print/copy devices. This is an essential part of the process for producing the future designs
  • Initial discussions on a ‘print policy’ will begin

Week 3: Present draft proposals & discuss

  • Exploring the options
  • Using the collected data we will present you with a number of cost effective solutions compared with your ‘current state’
  • With input from you we will agree the print policy and the preferred future state

Week 4: Future state recommendation

  • Agree the way forward
  • Using all the information gathered, and our 20+ years experience in the industry, we will provide you with a proposal showing you where you currently are, your future state, the savings and detail into how they are achieved


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