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Collate Business Systems are proud to have partnered with Monkey World, Ape Rescue Centre near Wool in Dorset, to donate a picnic bench for the “Picnic for Primates” scheme. The park is home to over 250 rescued and/or endangered primates of 20 different species. The “Picnic for Primates” scheme allows visitors to relax and enjoy the surroundings of the park on new, accessible, eco-friendly picnic benches.

Charlotte Kellaway from Monkey World commented: “We set up the ‘Picnic for Primates’ scheme as our existing picnic benches had come to the end of their lives.  With Collate being the first picnic bench donated, we are extremely grateful as we are now able to replace an old bench with a new, eco-friendly, wheelchair accessible, recycled lumber one for our visitors to enjoy”.

The Collate bench is located just outside the Wateringhole Café, looking out on to the children’s play area and the Barn Woolly enclosure. The Barn Woolly enclosure houses Chippy’s group, which contains six Woolly Monkeys.

Collate at Monkey World

Collate at Monkey World