secure-print-releaseSecure Print Release & Find-Me Printing

On a networked printer system, with multiple users, print jobs are normally sent direct to the printer. In some instances this can result in wasted paper and toner if printing is then forgotten about, not collected and then discarded. If documents which are forgotten or discarded are of a sensitive nature, this could also result in a security risk for the company.

Print Release enables networks to store print jobs in a queue system, ready for individuals to release them manually or set up authentication to have jobs print automatically.

Benefits of Print Release:

  • Find-Me Printing / Pull Printing – users print to a single queue, and their jobs are “pulled” to any printer on the network they are authorised to use. This can also be known as Follow Me printing
  • Secure Printing – Documents are only printed when released by the user who sent them. This ensures jobs are not sat uncollected at the printer
  • Reduced Waste – No wasted toner or paper through jobs being discarded after not being collected

There are a few differing options available for using Print Release…

  1. Embedded Copier Software

The embedded software solution provides Print Release capability integrated directly with the Multi-function printer (MFP) devices. Providing a seamless user experience, users login to the MFP using the LCD touchscreen or security card readers. The embedded software solution is cost effective as no expensive 3rd party terminal hardware is required.

  1. Fast Release Card Reader

The Fast Release TCP/IP Network Converter is a cost-effective print release solution that leverages commodity of off-the-shelf USB card readers available from multiple manufacturers. The Fast Release Card Readers are connected to the printer network (not the printer hardware) allowing this solution to be used with any printer on the market. The desired USB card reader is attached to the Fast Release Card Reader.

How the Fast Release card reader solution works:

  • The user automatically prints to a global virtual print queue or a hold/release queue where print jobs are held waiting for release
  • The user visits the printer hardware and with their identity card and the Fast Release Terminal, uses the USB card reader to identify themselves
  • Where identity cards are not available, USB keywords or PIN keypads can be used to authenticate users through their ID number
  • The system identifies queued jobs associated with the user ID and releases their job to that printer

The Fast Release TCP/IP Network Converter enables the use of many USB card readers, supporting a wide range of authentication card types. These include Mifare, HID, HID iClass, Legic and many more.


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