Reduce Environmental Impact with Managed Print Services

Icon of Collate Environmental ImpactMost organisations underestimate the impact on the environment of their printing requirements. But when you consider that the average office worker prints 10,000 pages per year and what the associated electricity, toner and support costs might be, you can easily see how it all adds up.

With a Managed Print Solution, you can reduce your environmental impact and carbon footprint dramatically.

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    A Managed Print Services solution from Collate means:

    • Better control over paper usage and paper types
    • Better control over toner and consumables – reduces usage and wastage
    • Reduction in fleet size to more suitable devices reduces overall electricity usage
    • Fit for purpose devices reduces call outs
    • By using a ‘follow me’ solution print can be reduced by 30%. Reducing the electricity/toner/paper consumed as well as the total print costs
    • Enhanced device control reduces electricity consumption

    With the environmental impact of our paper & CO2 ever more prominent in our minds and business practices, we all need to take responsibility for our consumption and we need to be seen to be taking action.

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