I am very sorry that it has taken me a while to reposed to your e mail but I am very happy to provide a testimonial in this instance.

You will recall that I was very suspicious when you first phoned our offices and explained your proposition. I agreed to meet with you and found you very honest and personable. You also went to great lengths to demonstrate to me how the service that you offer would be of benefit to my business and I am very pleased to say that everything you promised, has come to fruition.

The piece of equipment that you have provided is far superior to anything we have used before and produces prints, copies and scanned documents to a very high quality. Secondly, the cost of our printing including the cost of ink has fallen substantially and this was the main attraction when we spoke. Finally, the after sales service that is provided by your company is excellent. We have made several calls to your offices over the last two years and we have always received a timely and professional service that has either answered our questions or got us back up and running when there have been technical issues. All in all, a great service and I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your company to other SJP Partnerships.