Reduce IT Support with Managed Print Services

Icon of Collate IT SupportIt is a well documented fact that in many IT Departments, up to 40% of support time can be spent on print related issues. Managed Print Services removes the admin burden from the IT department.

In a Collate Managed Print Services environment, all devices are monitored and tracked with our engineers being alerted to problems before they impact on your organisation. Subsequently reducing downtime, increasing staff productivity and increasing the amount of time valuable IT staff can spend on other responsibilities.

By implementing a Managed Print Services solution, you will gain fleet management & control, monitoring, reporting, and reviews from your desktop; there’s no need to wander from machine to machine to conduct meter reading and maintenance checks.

Collate can also help with device selection. The popularity of small expensive desktop units has been expensive in terms of IT resource. Collate will advise on the optimum print devices to suit your organisational needs.

Importantly, you have a single point of contact for all your print devices. More often than not, devices are added in an ad hoc manner and organisations have multiple contracts with multiple suppliers on a variety of different brands of printers.

By moving to a single MPS solution, Collate will take responsibility for your printing needs and environment.

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    A Managed Print Services solution from Collate means:

    • Single point of contact
    • Single SLA covering all machines
    • Consumables managed for you
    • Minimum possible downtime
    • Fully covered support solution
    • Fully scalable solution
    • Future proofed
    • Reduced drain on IT budget through Fleet optimisation
    • Reduced costs through managed print services

    To see how Collate can help you reduce your IT support through a Managed Print Services solution, contact us today.