What are Managed Print Services?

Most companies have little idea of the true cost of print.  The Gartner Group calls it “the last great area of uncontrolled cost”.  Managed Print Services (MPS) is designed to change that.

MPS involves the management of your devices (copiers, printers, multifunction devices and fax machines) in a cohesive way with the aim of improving business productivity and reducing printing costs.

In essence, it means that we take responsibility for your print environment so you can get on with your day job.

When you partner with Collate we will ensure you have the right sized fleet and the right mix of devices for your company or organisation. We ensure you receive the full benefits of managed print services, through a thorough assessment, and our team’s target is to deliver a fully managed & integrated print infrastructure for you whilst you focus on your core business.

It is important to understand Managed Print Services is an on-going process of optimisation.

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MPS Printing

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