Buy, Lease & Rent Photocopiers

Konica-Minolta-BizHub-454eChoosing to lease, rent or purchase a photocopier can be a difficult decision for any business. Often leasing or renting a machine can mean savings overall in the long term, without a large initial outlay of funds; this is also considered to be the most tax efficient way of procuring equipment. Never include service or the supply of consumables in to the lease agreement.

Before choosing to lease or rent a photocopier, first establish what usage your office has. There are a variety of low volume, medium volume and high volume usage photocopier models available for lease or rent, each manufactured especially to be tailored to service the expected usage of an office space.

Leasing can reduce your overall tax bill, as the cost is deductible as a business expense. This reduces overall the net cost of leasing the equipment and is a factor that will help determine whether to rent or lease a photocopier, rather than buy. If you buy you will be able to claim 40% of the photocopier / printer purchase price back against tax in the first year and thereafter claim 25% of the outstanding balance. If you lease you do not have to pay the cost of the photocopier or printer immediately and you may reclaim everything you pay out on a ‘by payment’ basis – monthly, quarterly or annually.

Lease or Purchase a Photocopier?

Collate offer lease & rental agreements of photocopiers in Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire & Berkshire including the areas of Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester and Salisbury and Newbury.

Lease agreements start from just £24 per month. Full maintenance, back-up and support is available for the term of the lease.

Contact us today to discuss the options available to your business and to realise the money you could save in leasing a photocopier.

Collate will often trade-in your old leased equipment and supply a tailored solution better suited to your current working environment; eg. All new Bizhub’s come with “Airprint

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