ECM for construction

ECM for Construction

  • Increase the speed of your tender process by between 11% and 25%
  • Increase the efficiency of your project monitoring and due diligence processes
  • Reduce the cost of health and safety processes by up to 17%

The construction industry in the UK today is changing at an increasing rate. New government legislation and regulations are the main drivers for these changes and it shows no sign of slowing down.

These elements put huge pressure on construction companies who, to remain profitable, must now ensure processes and workflows are streamlined and information & documents are managed effectively.

Many construction companies are realising the potential of an Enterprise Content Management system (ECM) as a way of meeting these growing demands.

ECM for construction companies brings together document management, drawing & records management, workflow and more. ECM can reduce risk, aid efficient knowledge management and improve quality & efficiency. ECM provides complete control over your information.

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    Document Management

    Many construction companies are struggling with the variety and complexity of project file documents, and are spending unjustifiable time searching for the documents required.

    ECM for construction provides full life-cycle management for any type of electronic document.

    In the construction industry, managing drawings & schematics with complete version control is vital to the project success. ECM for construction creates a central repository for your business critical documents including proposals, compliance reports, risk assessments, ISO specifications, CAD drawings, schematics and hand-written notes. Staff have instant access to the files they need, when they need them, all within a secure environment.

    Construction companies are benefiting from ECM as it provides complete control over information relating to projects, departments or entire businesses.  Without an ECM solution in place, you are in danger of data entry errors, duplication of work and lost information, all of which is a great threat to your bottom line.

    Business Process Management

    In an industry where margins are already tight, ECM for construction companies allows companies to automate business processes, therefore reducing paper, increasing accountability within the business and ensuring compliance and increased efficiency.

    This automation also eliminates bottlenecks, ensures productivity and means your staff spend less time paper handling and project completion is increased.

    In this evolving construction industry, it is no longer simply about storing and routing documents. It is about giving users the ability to solve their own business problems and create better and more efficient processes within their organisation.

    With document imaging, document management, records management and workflow baked into the core architecture, our ECM solutions provide the functionality & capability to effectively reach your business goals.

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