From document management to Enterprise Content Management

Today, businesses have large amounts of paperwork to deal with. Over time, this paperwork, which can include digital and paper hard copies, can build up and if you do not have the necessary processes or management in place, it can become a problem.

It is this problem which document management software can solve.

What is Document Management?

Document Management

Document management software allows you to store, organise, sort and retrieve your business documents.

A document management system is indispensable for any organisation which requires documentation, to ensure fast retrieval of documents. A document management system ensures security of data and offers a comprehensive and searchable archive. A good document management system should integrate perfectly with application tools such as Microsoft Office, as well as other desktop software, and that allows viewing and editing.

Document management software may not be something you’re aware of, and often, it is an overarching business problem which identifies the need for a system.

Enterprise Content Management

document management

Enterprise Content Management goes far beyond simple Document Management and is now used as a key tool in Business Process Management.

Collate’s ECM is the point at which enterprise content management and business process management meet.

The secret for a successful business is to reduce costs, eliminate waste, and work efficiently. An Enterprise Content Management system is affordable, implemented without any disruption to usual business operations and can be understood with brief training. The entire life cycle of a document can be tracked with its document management features.


ECM Demo

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    Some of the benefits that can be achieved through ECM:

    • Reduced operating costs
    • Better customer service
    • More efficient use of personnel
    • Document recovery
    • Easy document search

    Making use of ECM not only increases your profitability and gives a competitive advantage. You can also respond more quickly and effectively to customer queries, generate critical documents and manage them effortlessly.

    If your business is struggling to keep track of information, an ECM system which is tailored specifically to your business needs may be beneficial. It can be easily setup and instantly simplify your business document processes.

    It is no longer simply about storing and routing documents. It’s about giving users the ability to solve their own business problems and create better and more efficient processes within their organisation.

    The first step is to begin by focusing on the departments which are paper intensive, for example human resources, accounts etc. Cutting storage costs and improving retrieval and archiving, simultaneously safeguarding access to records, is the smart way to make certain that your files are safe and secure.

    By working with Collate, we will guide you step by step throughout the process and provide a fully tailored scoping session, to get the most out of ECM for your business.