The Document Management Buyer's Guide:

Document Management Buyer's Guide

  • An introduction to the benefits of a DM solution
  • An organisational needs analysis
  • A system evaluation checklist
  • A guide to business process mapping
  • Create a cost – benefit analysis
  • Advice and tips

Why invest in document management?

  • Time: eliminate wasted time searching for information
  • Time: eliminate wasted time duplicating missing information
  • Time: access information on or off site when it is required
  • Cost: reduce the cost of printing, storing and retrieving documents
  • Cost: reduce the cost of regulatory compliance
  • Cost: reduce the cost of inefficient business processes


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    The essential elements of a document management system:

    • Imaging & Capture: Automatically index and OCR documents
    • Archive & Store: Manage and store electronically all your company documents
    • Retrieve & Distribute: Find information whenever and wherever you need it
    • Process Automation: Eliminate manual data entry and automate repetitive tasks
    • Secure Remote Access: Permissions based access for you and your partners.

    Return on investment

    A recent survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, reports that on average office employees spend almost 40% of their time managing non-essential documents. Employees spend 20% of their day looking for information in hardcopy documents and only finding what they need 50% of the time, according to the IDC.

    By implementing a document management system, information requests from customers can be answered by the customer service department instantly. This saves not only the time and cost associated with gathering information and calling back customers but also improves the increasingly important area of customer satisfaction.

    A document management system benefits the accounts department as it reduces the amount of time spent manually inputting data and makes finding information you are looking for, instant.

    In short, any area of your business that creates and or needs access to information benefits in terms of time and cost saving.

    Regulatory compliance

    This affects most business today and the cost and complexity of compliance is increasing. Document management reduces the costs associated with compliance.  Not only can document management eliminate paper waste, but with records management, powerful security features, auditing and reporting features, it meets the most stringent of governance requirements and substantially reduces the cost of compliance.

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