Reduce Business Costs Through Enterprise Content Management

Reduce Business Costs with Enterprise Content ManagementUse Collate’s ECM to solve business problems across the enterprise. Our ECM will not only help you to reduce business costs associated with a process but also reduce errors & reduce the time taken to execute the process.

  • Allocate resources using business processes or workflows to report on employee actions
  • Start business processes from the office or via a web browser
  • Keep track of running business processes by monitoring process history and details of any entry at any time
  • Better organize involved team members by assigning designated tasks & instructions for each business process step
  • Search by business process status to see which documents are at each stage of their process
  • Identify process bottlenecks with detailed, business process analytics
  • Generate additional, extensive reports on all business process data

ECM Demo

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    Sustainable Savings

    Sustainable cost reduction can be achieved by:

    • Reducing the need to print & store physical documents
    • Reducing the time spent manually entering data to back office systems
    • Eliminating errors from manual data entry
    • Eliminating wasted time searching for lost or misfiled documents

    Ever Efficient ECM

    Increased efficiency within a process can be achieved by:

    • Reducing the number of manual tasks
    • Automatically starting a workflow
    • Eliminating the need to re-enter data to multiple systems

    ECM is not only about efficient processes and reducing business costs. Businesses can gain competitive advantage by having information captured, organised and searchable – enabling you to respond to customers faster than the competition. Have all documents available instantly and process & complete orders faster than your competition.