Access to information and ECM

As part of a series of posts on business challenges, I will be identifying the four most common business challenges we hear from our customers and discussing how enterprise content management (ECM) can help in solving them.

Last week, the business challenge was handling too much paper, if you haven’t read that please do. This is the second in this series of four.

Did you know the volume of information in your company is doubling every two to three years?

Documents, emails, spread sheets and presentations are created faster than we can count them. This explosive growth of information and content brings many challenges across the entire business, including increased business costs and if this is not managed effectively, huge risk.

For example, the challenges associated with mismanaged email are many and complex. Maintaining the mail environment can bring substantial cost and complexity to IT departments. Not only this, increased frustration faced by employees, who are overwhelmed by the volume of email they deal with on a daily basis.

Being overwhelmed with paper is one thing. Overwhelmed by information is another. Information is the lifeblood of a competitive company – the more the better, but not if it’s disorganised, misfiled or critical documents are not easy to place.

Are you struggling with overwhelming amounts of information, in different formats across the business and from both inside and outside of your business? With all these content challenges, and the costs to the business, including delayed customer response, customer dissatisfaction and late payments, increasing numbers of organisations are turning to ECM software to help them proactively manage their business content.

It’s not enough to just manage content. Of course, the ability to access the correct version of a document or record is important, but companies must go further. Content must be managed so that it is used to achieve business goals. Central to this strategy are the tools and technologies of ECM, which manage the complete lifecycle of content, birth to death.

An ECM solution allows complete document life-cycle management, storing from input through to destruction of both electronic and non-electronic documentation. Documents are centralised, searchable and, with the right solution, can be automatically linked to the appropriate account, customer, employee etc. This maximises business value, improves business productivity, mitigates risk and controls costs.

An effective ECM solution must bring clarity to all of your data, electronic and otherwise, and allow for easy tracking of critical documents. Our ECM solution has browser based features provide comprehensive document management capabilities and as it is browser based, both remote and portable access.

You can read more about the benefits ECM here.

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