Highlights from the Empower 2014 Keynote

Here are the highlights from the Empower 2014 Keynote with Karl Chan, CTO of Laserfiche:

Here are some of the key messages from the Empower 2014 Keynote:

  • To succeed today, you need to get your hands on all of the information relevant to your business—regardless of where it’s stored or how it’s transmitted.
  • You need to be flexible, able to respond and adapt to whatever comes along—whether that’s disaster recovery or new initiatives and projects.
  • You need to be mobile, enabling workers to talk to each other and work with each other in whatever form or on whatever device they want to.
  • You need to be socially proactive, capitalising on the many channels of communication your employees and customers use, in order to reach them, engage them and access their know-how.
  • Laserfiche ECM allows you to service a lot more customers a lot faster without increasing headcount.
  • It is important to involve the users as much as possible in developing the design. Getting the end users involved makes it very easy to deploy.

This last point really resonates with us, as not only do we support and work directly with you through the implementation of the ECM software, we also know the importance of devising a thorough and bespoke aftercare and training programe. This ensures you get the most from ECM package, achieve your business goals and business relationship with us.

You can download our latest case study for more information on how we have worked with Citizens Advice Bureau to provide the first steps to reducing paperwork in the office.

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