Wasted time and ECM

This is the fourth and last post in the series which solves some of the biggest business challenges that we hear from our customers.

Over the past three weeks I have covered how Enterprise Content Management (ECM) can solve a number of challenges, including handling too much paper, access to information, duplicated work, and this week I will explore how manual data entry can mean wasted time and employee inefficiencies.

As previously described, in past posts in this series, today’s businesses are drowning in information and content. Important business information, like documents, emails, invoices, contracts and so on are being created in vast quantities, and many businesses do not have the systems or procedures in place to effectively manage them.

ECM allows you to take control of this plethora of content and gives employees instant access to the information they need to do their jobs faster, efficiently and from anywhere – even on a mobile device. This enables employees to focus on higher value tasks that help your company achieve its business goals and better serve your customers, helping ensure customer loyalty, trust and satisfaction.

Additionally, ECM speeds up processes by automating predictable decisions and provides useful tools to manage all the surrounding tasks and activities, allowing you to increase productivity without increasing staff numbers.

How much time do you or your staff spend on manual data entry? Valuable business time is wasted every day in organisations every day. Imagine being able to empower your employees to better use existing applications to help make day-to-day tasks more efficient and cost effective, reducing the time it takes to do their jobs.

Additionally, ECM can be integrated with a wide variety of existing business systems and applications, meaning siloed information is a thing of the past, the full financial benefit of your existing technology investments can be achieved and repeatable processes can be carried out in a consistent manner across the organisation, increasing efficiency and reducing cost.

I hope you have found this series of posts interesting and has made you thought about how you can benefit from ECM in your organisation.

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