What Kind Of Printer Do You Need For Your Business

Even in this age of digital communications most businesses still require an element of print. Buying a printer for your business can be a big investment and there are SO MANY to choose from, so how do you know what kind of printer to get. Here are some key questions to ask yourself.

What Sort of Printing Will You Be Doing?

This is one of the most important questions when thinking about a printer for your business. You don’t want to be paying for functionality your business won’t use. So have a think about what functions you need…do you just want mono print or do you need colour printing too. Should your machine also be able to perform other functions such as scanning, photocopying or even faxing (yes people are still doing that). Is the quality of print important to you? Will you want to print in large format? Some machines can even carry out additional functions such as stapling or hole punching.

How Many Machines Do You Need?

If you have more than one site you are certainly going to need a machine per site at the minimum, but also consider if you have more than one floor or your sites are large increasing the number of machines per site. Printers these days are all capable of printing across a network, but your team don’t want to have to walk miles to pick up a couple of pages.

How Much Space Do You Have?

A key question, you may want an all-singing, all-dancing multi-function machine, but if it won’t fit in your workspace then that is just not an option. We can manoeuvre machines into tricky spaces, but it’s not as easy as we make it look, so take some accurate measurements of the space you have available before you place that order!

How Much Printing Will You Be Doing?

We generally categorise devices into:

Low Volume – for small offices of 2-8 people doing a total of up to 20,000 copies per month.

Medium Volume – for large offices or departments of 20-40 people doing a total of 20-50,000 copies per month.

High Volume – for print rooms or as a floor hub for around 20-50 people doing a total of up to 200,000 copies per month.

Low Volume is fairly obvious based on a quick team member head count, but medium and high volume vary hugely, so in order to assess this you will need to survey your team member’s usage.

What is the Technical Skill Of Your Team?

As you might expect the technicality of a device increases as the functionality becomes more complex and therefore, we would emphasise the need to ONLY invest in a machine with the functionality you need.

Something to also bear in mind is what will happen when the inevitable error code rears its ugly head. If you don’t have a team capable of maintaining a complex and business critical device then you need to consider not just what printer are you buying, but who and how is this printer going to be maintained.

Will Your Business Be Growing or Changing Soon?

Remember to consider the needs of your business in the future, not just today. As we mentioned earlier a printer can be a significant investment, you want one that will scale with your business and not need replacing or upgrading in 12 months!


Maybe we should have opened with this, but it is important that you know what you need your printer to do before you start looking at budget. Now you know the specifications your business requires you can research which printers fit your needs based on your budget.

What kind of printer

We hope this blog helps you to know the right questions to ask when looking for your new business printer. Of course, we can take all of this off your shoulders with a completely free review of your print requirements resulting in a quote for a selection of devices that would suit your needs and budget and the maintenance plans to go along with them if required.


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