Why is a document management system more essential now than ever?

Business Processes

Documents within businesses drive processes. As more companies are having to adjust to remote flexible workers, document management systems and information processes become harder and harder to manage. Digitalizing documents and automating workflows enables control, measurement, security, version control and process authorisation.

Business processes can often be time consuming and error strewn. Automating these processes can have significant savings for your business.

Enhanced Security

Security of documents is critical. All information and documents within a business must be protected. Using a document management solution, all documents are protected and workflows monitored. Installing 2FA (two factor authentication) allows your staff to access workflows and data without it leaving your business environment.

Information Access

Any document within your business can be found from anywhere with ease; word, excel, emails, pdf, any file.

Information flow and process can be checked, verified and monitored as can Version control and author information.

Back up and disaster Recovery

Back up and disaster recovery is impossible with paper based processes.

A document management system protects ALL the information that flows through your business or is historically stored.

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